Drama Tokens

Drama tokens can be awarded for awesome roleplay, incredible stunts, major contributions to the campaign here on the portal, and while under my discretion can be suggested for any other character if you feel it warrants it. These can be traded in for things in game… say you’re going through a tomb and some first age automatons activate and attack… normal course would require them all be destroyed beyond repair, you drop the required drama tokens you can salvage them and get them repaired for your own personal use. It may require a side storyline to find someone able to fix it, or the materials, but you just got something cool without needing to pay xp for it or the associated background costs etc.

Locke 1

2/9/12 +1 – Trying so hard to be a combat monkey.

Ashen Promise 1

1/21/12 +1: Nifty prologue scene

Whimsical Lark 0

Moyannon 0

Drama Tokens

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