Frost Talon


250 ft long floating airship. The ship itself is primarily made from lacquered ironwood imported from the East and feathersteel forged from the Icehome. A giant football shaped gasbag made from alchemically treated rasp-spider silk provides the lift needed to get airborn while three feathersteel air-screws provide propulsion, all powered entirely by a miniscule amount of essence. Color scheme of the boat is primarily white, with blue trim.

Under normal circumstances, the ship is set up to carry 20 tons of cargo, typically ice when going south, and dry goods when returning north. The cargo room is well insulated using both mundane and magical means.

Living quarters for the crew are small but comfortable, with enough space to carry both the 8 staff members and, if needed, up to 23 additional passengers. While it is rare to find someone who has pressing need to go from Icehome to, say, Gem (which takes an average of one month one-way), it is not uncommon to find travelers in need of a quick trip from Nexus to Great Forks. Meal service is highly dependent on the leg of the trip. From Icehome to Nexus, staff and passengers should expect a lot of northern fare and creative use of caribou meat.

Speed: 10/20mph (480 mpd)
Maneuverability: +2S (Lore 1, Sail 2)
Endurance: Requires the pilot to attune the vessel’s Essence
engine for a commitment of four motes.
Crew: 6/3
Cargo: Seventy passengers, plus 10 tons of cargo; or 25 passengers,
plus 20 tons of cargo.
Armor: 8L/8B (Gas bag: 3L/3B)
Health Levels: Ux10/Mx7/Cx5/Ix2/D (Gas bag: UX4/
Weapons: None normally.
Other Notes: As a vehicle of purely Second Age construction,
this ship’s armor lacks the Hardness ubiquitous to First
Age artifact vehicles.


Frost Talon

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